Tea ... is a religion of the art of life.
— Okakura Kakuzō, The Book of Tea

Our Belief

We believe in the art of symbology and the science of ritual through the practice of diplomatic immunitea. We've looked to the Burning Man principles for much or our creed.  We are agnostic at the core. We believe in the “scientific method.” We also believe that one can not know the unknowable, but that one is free to believe as they see fit. We believe that as humans we need ritual and spiritualitea to unite many in the realization that they are one. By providing communitea, we hope our belief will vaccinate many against manipulation and indoctrination through the ceremonial imbibing of our secret blend of tea. We anticipate and we welcome many schismatic schools of thought (skeptea-cs, shamanistic Tealeaf-ologists, Secular Tea Scienceologists, bapTeasts, uniTearians etc etc).


Our Tea Mission

We are changing the world, one cup of tea at a time.

Our tea mission is to promote participation in, and appreciation of, world tea traditions as well as otherworldly tea traditions. To throw tea parteas by offering a relaxed, convivial and harmonious space to make and take tea. Immerse ourselves in the science of tea rituals and the importance of ritual as a whole to our human existence.

We are extending the opportunitea for regional and international delegations to come and share their Tea rituals and traditions in the Temple of Unitea at Burning Man. We will be providing tea, tea trinkets and tea towels as diplomatic flags. While in Black Rock City we will be sending diplomateac tea delegations to camps in need of refreshment using our mutant Tea Trolley (aka “The Tea Caddy” / “The Porta-Pot-O-Tea”). These mutant vehicles will also be used to transport Tea Ambassadors to and from the Temple of Unitea.

At Burning Man we will be providing a Temple for our teacons, people who will be ordained in the ‘religion' of Psyteaology. We will offer high Tea aerial performances for Teacons who are high, low Tea table dances for Teacons who want to get down, and holy hot water and fresh tea leaves for pilgrims and laypersons alike. Yes, you too can be ordained!!


The Importance of Symbology

Our mark is a melding of the Pythagorean Tetraktys and the Flower of Life.  The bringing together of science and mysticism.  A visual representation of their sameness.
The ten points creating the innate Tetraktys represent the ten principles: Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self Reliance, Radical Self Expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leave No Trace, Participation, and Immediacy.
The three leaves, or triple infinity, represents the infinite nature of existence, the continuance and entanglement of the mind, body, and spirit.  It is both a mathematical idea and a metaphysical symbol that embraces within itself the principles of the natural world, the harmony of the cosmos, the agent to the divine, and the mysteries of the divine realm.

The "Tea"-n Principles of Burning Man

Radical Inclusion
By promoting parTeacipation in world Tea ceremonies, both real and imagined

By bringing unique Teas, Tea trinkets and Tea ceremonies to share with others.  In advance we will train our Tea Ambassadors and gift written and artistic materials

We understand that Tea is in fact a commidiTea and that crowdfunding can be a slippery slope.  As seasoned burners we are commitTeaed to not engaging in transactional behaviors

Radical Self Reliance
We will Teach ceremonies to help people be more reliant spiritually

Radical Self Expression
Arising from the unique gifts of the individual or collaborating group, no one other than that individual or group can determine its content.  Our Teas and our Tea rituals are offered as a gift to others.  In this spirit, the giver should respect the rights and liberties of the recipient.  As Tea Gurus, we can explain consent using Tea as an example here

Is a central theme to this installation; hence our “punny” name “UniTea”.  We desire to create an international communiTea for people to share and create traditions

Civic Responsibilitea
It can be difficult for people outside the United States to bring an art project to Burning Man.  We want to break down barriers by reaching out in advance to all peoples coming to Burning Man from all Tea drinking cultures and traditions

Leaving No Tearace
By respecting the environment, we will leave no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather.  Not a single Tea leaf will be left behind.  We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.  Several of our camp members have been on DPW, and LNT is a Team Lead role for our camp

We will be Teaching people to become Tea Ambassadors and helping others create and display their art

By raising flags, making our Teapots whistle, and by chiming gongs at regular intervals, we will let Black Rock City know that there is always time for Tea time


The Fourteen Points

1. A Distinct Legal Existence:
We are applying for 501c3 but also 501c3 under religion.

2. A Recognized Creed and Form of Worship:
Our form of worship is Tea ceremony and the scientific method.

3. A Definite and Distinct Ecclesiastical Government:
We are defining a governance similar to many open source communities.  Open, transparent bookkeeping and governance are key.

4. A formal code of Doctrine and Discipline:
Scientific methodology based on scientific rigor, peer review, systematic observation, measurement, experimentation and feedback.

5. A Distinct Religious History:
The origin of Tea ceremonies in India, China and Japan and the history of trade as Tea was delivered to all corners of the world.

6. A Membership Not Associated with any (other) Church or Denomination:
We are not associated with any other religion. Tea ceremonies have been practiced for millennia without any other religious association.

7. A Complete Organization of Ordained Ministers Ministering to their Congregations:
We will register our Teacons.

8. Ordained Ministers Elected After Completing Prescribed Courses of Study Ordination:
Teacons will be ordained both online and at Black Rock City.

9. A Literature of its Own:
The Book of Tea Leaves and an online God Hub (similar to Get Hub) for religious discussion and documentation.

10. Established Places of Worship:
The Temple of UniTea at the Sekrit Theatre, Perry Rd, Austin, Texas and at Black Rock City, Nevada will regularly host local Tea ceremonies.

11. Regular Congregations:
Saturday sunset services at Sekrit Theatre, Perry Rd, Austin.

12. Regular Religious Services:
Saturday sunset services at Sekrit Theatre, Perry Rd, Austin.

13. Sunday Schools for Religious Instruction of the Young:
An “Indoctrination of the Youth by Web Notation” game, to be evaluated and graded at our Saturday services.

14. Schools for the Preparation of Its Ministers:
Through online classes.