Our Teammm

Our Team of 40+ people will be donating their time and soul to the creation of the Temple of Unitea over the next few months, and beyond. The tea-mmmm is comprised of long time, well-respected burners, project artists, camp founders and leads. We are creators who have taken many projects, built many camps, and created not just art but products that enrich lives around the globe.


Projects Our Team Has Worked On

Sekrit Theater

This East Austin New Orleans-inspired architectural marvel is a space where friends and neighbors can come together and create community. Built by the mastermind Beau Richert.







Silona has been participating in Burn events since 2004.  Her first big art project was carting Pee for the DickyBox at the Nevada Regional.  She also founded K-Flip, Flipside's radio station theme camp.  She is a product director in the default world. Her passion is making things that people want and need. 





UniTea Temple Build and Design
Biography in progress




UniTea Temple Build and Design
Biography in progress



Years ago, Beau Reichert found an overgrown, neglected parcel of East Austin perfect for realizing his remarkable vision of an outdoor, New Orleans-inspired architectural space where friends and neighbors could come together, create community. 
The space includes (so far) a full-size movie screen, a pavilion with an unparalleled sound system, a concession stand, an ethereal conservatory and countless other curiosities and hidden corners full of surprise. 





Stacie is a full time as a designer and researcher at frog Design. She's worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, everything from entertainment to cyber security. She's worked on front end dev, back end dev, high level concepting and prototyping, product development and design research. Her passions include emerging technologies, creating meaningful experiences, and the untapped potential of the human mind.

While having multiple creative outlets, including photography, design, painting, and metals, The Temple of Unitea was the first Burning Man project she was involved in from inception. She's previously worked with Ilya Tinker on the Burning Man art piece The Wooden Nickel Carnival in 2015.



Raul is a Teaologist Solution Maker, Hacker Technologist, Scientific Process Advocate, Art Patron and Sportsball Enthusiast
Past projects are Top Secret and I've been advised not to mention them.



Jane Clarke has served the Austin community for over 15 years, leading public rituals for celestial holidays, memorials, baby namings and healings. She is the founder of the Austin Dark Moon Circle, which has been meeting and creating empowering rituals each month since 2010. Additionally she founded, ran, and then expanded the Temple building program of The Festival of The Goddess into a sustained fixture of that community. She has been a regular member of that groups planning circle since 1996, and served as Lead in a transition year when the festival found itself without a home.( almost ceasing to exist as a result of the calamity and grief that this created).
Jane is one of the original founders of the Burning Flipside theme camp, BurninGlam. There she served as lead (herded cats) for 9 years, and then as co-lead for the last 4 years, taking it from 5 tubs of costumes in the back of a pickup' to a 24' box truck and a shipping container for permanent storage.

She has served as Art Director for the themed immersion events and festivals, was the designer and manager of the 'Texas Souk of The Senses' at Burningman 2012, 'Caravansari', acted as costume design for numerous local theatrical productions, is the founder of "Airship Pantasmagoria", and is the owner and operator of Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics, the last of the 'Old School' vintage clothing stores in Austin, Texas, since 1986. 





UNITEA POWER & SONA ASTRO MECHI (SAM) MUTANT CAR BUILDER                    Tom Davidson aka Mutant Garage is an engineer who likes building robots and mutant art vehicles.  Tom is a member of The Robot Group, a long lived arts and technology group from Austin. He's also been a 20 year member of the Austin Burning Flipside community where he's held an event lead position for radio equipment and radio tower equipment. Tom has been playing with art and technology for decades.

Past projects:

  1. Airship Austuria
  2. EyeBot Robot





SONA ASTRO MECHI (SAM) MUTANT CAR BUILDER                                                                                                                                  Sonia is also a long time member of The Robot Group and the Austin Burning Flipside community. And the other half of the build team on SAM the robot car.  Sonia has held many volunteer positions within the Flipside community over the past two decades, ranging from Ice volunteer to Greeter and Zone Greeter.  She is also one of the many Flipizens that adopts a porta potty at Flipside.  She's done this for the past four years.  That gift to the community means that visitors to that particular porta potty get a clean, well lit, and well supplied porto that is decorated with art.  Makes for a much more pleasant event experience for visitors at that regional burn event.

Past event projects:

  1. Served at the Technology Coordinator for "The Showdown at Unobtanium - Tesla versus Edison"  a fully immersive, interactive event held over two days in the Austin area.  Sonia was responsible for recruiting the tech talent for the show.
  2. Robofest Organizer.  Sonia was the main organizer for the last Robofest held at the Dobie Mall.  Robofest was a  yearly robotics and technology festival that The Robot Group put on to promote STEM and encourage technology use for kids of all ages.